About Dr. Merck

My Background

A Native Texan, I’ve lived in SC since high school and was graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I worked for over 7 years in mental health both in Columbia and Dallas, after which I pursued my doctorate at the University of North Texas. Following the completion of my PhD in Psychology, I made my home back in Columbia and opened my private practice in 1996. I relocated to my River Drive office in 2003.

I have worked in hospital in-patient and out-patient settings, university counseling centers, been the Director of Training for the Pre-doctoral Psychology Internship Program at the USC Counseling and Human Development Center, and I currently teach undergraduate psychology at the University of South Carolina.

I am a current sustaining member of South Carolina Psychological Association and am President-elect. I served 11 years on the Board of Examiners for SC and have been a member of both the American Psychological Association and the Association of State and Provincial Licensing Boards. I also served 2 terms on the Board of Directors for the National Alliance of Mental Illness.

Professionally, I am interested in ethics, mind-body health practices, and early career mentoring. Currently, I am a Senior Instructor at USC and I teach Abnormal Psychology, the Psychology of Personality, and the Psychology of Marriage; my philosophy for teaching is "Psychology is Life."

My Practice

While my practice is general in nature, I especially enjoy working with adolescents, families, people with eating disorders, and adults navigating major life transitions.

Individual Therapy


Adolescent & Family Work




Eating Disorders


Adult Major Life Transitions